Welcome to Samurai Restaurant
Since Japan is surrounded by ocean, seafood has always been widely consumed, as well as rice. In Japanese cuisine, sushi indicates dishes that use sushi rice, which is served with a sweet vinegar mixture. As time passes, Japanese cuisine becomes as rich and diverse as it consumers; therefore, Samurai aims to bring the mixed traditional and functional dishes from Tokyo &New York City by maintaining the classic Japanese recipes, but also with a twist of Samurai-styled ideas that enhance those dishes. As you will be determining which specific dishes to order (all of which are moist, mouth-watering, satisfying, divine and succulent), you can see that we provide a varied selection of nigiri sushi, sashimi, rolls, hand rolls and more. Our amenities include Happy Hour, a full bar, a kids menu, a wide range of desserts, build your own sushi roll, etc. We take reservations regularly; moreover, we accommodate our guests with their instructions, modifications, requests and so forth. Samurai has created an intimate atmosphere that consequently relaxes our much appreciated guests, allowing them to enjoy great meals on unforgettable evenings. Samurai takes pride in its establishment and has been since first opening the DIberville location in September 2011.

Samurai happily invites you to accompany us among an ambience worth savoring. Let us fulfill your desires for fine Japanese cuisine as we take care of our guests with the utmost value. Last, but not least, may the complex art of our sushi manifest through our experience to yours while we encourage you to indulge yourself in our tasty, delicious food wherequality is our #1 priority!